GL Ready Mix Concrete hold a plethora of concrete types, ideal for whatever project you have in mind.

A selection is suitable for all purposes and environments.


If you are needing more flexibility, plasterciser will soften the mix, allowing greater dexterity if used before the mix hardens. Plasterciser also reduces bleed and cracking and more unlikely to split, improving the finish.


Using retarder will allow the concrete to be a lot more substantial. It does so by temporarily blocking chemical hydration. This will also reduce the prospect of bleeding.

Concrete Fibres

Concrete fibres are an alternative to tradition use. It will decrease cracking and increase water resistance, whilst settling with a nice finish.

Screed Fibres

Using screed fibres will increase strength and durability of the mix. Extremely tough, you will find that the chances cracking, shrinking and bleeding have been reduced.

Types of Mixes

We have a great range of concrete solutions available for you requirements

  • C8 (Gen 0/18_1)
    • Kerb bedding
    • Backing
  • C10 (Gen 1/16_1)
    • Concrete Fill
    • Trench fill
    • Drainage Works
    • Pad Foundations
    • Blinding
    • Un-reinforced strip
    • Over-site below suspended floors
  • C15 (Gen 2/15_1)
    • house floors with no embedded metal
  • C20 (Gen 3/ST 1/12_1)
    • Internal floor slabs
  • C25 (ST 2/11_1)
    • Footings/foundations
    • Groundwork
  • C30 (PAV1/ST 3/9_1)
    • External slabs
    • Driveways
    • Patios
    • Garages
    • Pavements
  • C35 (PAV2/ST 4/7_1)
    • Heavyy duty use
    • External Slabs
    • External Paving
  • C40 (ST 5/5_1)
    • Structural Beams
    • Agricultural

Should you need to go through the options available, one of our team can help explain what concrete is best to use in any given condition. Please call today on 01902 546250